Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Third (and Final?) Indictment v. Andrea Sneiderman

This is a link to the third indictment against Andrea Sneiderman. This is the indictment and charges that will be used at trial.

Please note, upon the States's motion, and prior to swearing in a jury, the Court dismissed Counts 1, 2, and 3 related to allegations Andrea Sneiderman was complicit in the murder of her husband, Rusty Sneiderman, on November 18, 2010.

While this appears to be the "final" indictment for Andrea Sneiderman, the DA has the option to re-indict her for the murder charges as there is no statute of limitation for murder in the State of Georgia.

Click HERE for the Third Indictment of Andrea Sneiderman

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  1. Hi David, can u clarify something for me? I've always understood double jeopardy to mean that someone cannot be tried for the same charges twice. Recently someone said that would also apply to the evidence currently being used in the current trial. Meaning, should the state choose to bring murder charges against Andrea sneiderman , they cannot use any of the evidence used in this trial against her in a future case. They would need completely new evidence. I understand that wld be the case anyway becs the DA must be convinced they can get a conviction beyond any reasonable doubt, and they clearly don't believe they can do that now as it pertains to murder charges, but I ws surprised to hear that cumulatively, they would not even be able to enter into evidence anything pertaining to the current trial. Is this correct?

  2. I plan to blog on this, but I haven't found the time. Stay tuned...