Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Andrea Sneiderman Murder Trial To Start July 29, 2013

The big day is almost here, and those seeking "justice for Rusty" will undoubtedly be locked onto what promises to be a dramatic trial.

While there are several grounds for appeal already, look for other avenues for the Defense to appeal in the event the Jury convicts Andrea of any count.

Look for me on twitter @SpeakerDave for live updates and analysis/commentary during the trial. I've tried to remain unbiased during the pre-trial media frenzy, but I expect to form an opinion on guilt or innocence as the evidence unfolds during the trial. Nevertheless, I intend to analyze the evidence with as keen an eye as any attorney with his own case. I will also try to present the "devil's advocate" position and challenge you to avoid rushing to judgment before all the evidence is in.

Are you ready?

Please join us on the Dunwoody Murder Trial Discussion Club (#DMTDC) facebook group for moderated, sensible, intelligent, discussion and analysis.

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  1. I have to agree with Renee Michelle mr Weinberg. Listening to AS's emphatic statements to police, she made it crystal clear she was saying she didn't know AT ALL what happened to rusty until she was at the hospital and was told he'd been shot. She even says those exact words. So trying to go with the idea of she just knew he'd died seems like nothing More than defense strategy word games and I have got to believe anyone would be able to see right through that. There are more problems with andrea as well as her parents behavior after the shooting that I've not heard many talk about yet. The fact the green bergs kept the parents of rusty, her in laws away from andrea immediately following the shooting is extremely strange. And given the fact that most people who are shot in situations like this, where the spouse truly has no idea why her husband had been shot, would come to the conclusion it was a random mad man shooting and given the fact that she should have been thinking along those lines and knowing the mad man could very well still be in the area, there is no way in hell that I would have allowed my child to stay anywhere near a place I considered extremely dangerous, police oenophile police. AS' mother could hv taken her son home and her father and brother could've taken her to the hospital. Beyond strange she felt comfortable leaving her son in a place most people wldve considered extremely dangerous. Too many facts line up that AS had an affair, knew abt the murder or at thievery least suspected HN immediately and chose to cover it up so her culpability ws not exposed. No matter how u look at it, AS's extremely selfish behavior led to the death of her husband. Her mother blatantly committing perjury on the stand shows us that she is extremely aware that her daughter is guilty of horrendous and dire actions.